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The only LIVE video stream dedicated to the DJ industry.



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Most Dramatic Video Segment To Date

 Pierre and IWhen I sat down with Pierre Gonneau, more commonly known in radio history as "Lucky Pierre", I had no idea the breadth and width of his career. He shared with me so many interesteing stories that I edited this segment in a documentary style.

I was so proud of the care I took in this piece, that I will be submitting it to several film festivals for short documentary. What do you think? Is it worth submitting?


The Yard Sale

Do you have used DJ gear that you'd like to sell? Is your garage full of old audio and lighting equipment? Get top dollar for your DJ junk with The Crossfader Show Yard Sale!

Don't take your chances any where else. Ebay takes too long. Craigslist is full of weirdos. Sell where DJs go, The Crossfader Show.


It's easy. Step one, send us your info. Tell us what your selling, how much and how to get a hold of you on Skype. Step 2, appear on the show on June 23 and show the world what you got. Step 3, profit! It's that easy.

To be on the show, send us an email at or call us at 562-353- 4010 today. Act Now!

Facebook Event Page


The Crossfader Show - Episode #66

This week we stream from the old studio as we welcome Toastmasters Kris Zuniga, Nancy De Los Santos-Reza and our co-host Joe Casillas. They explain how becoming a Toastmaster will sharpen your skills in speaking in public. We announce a new Video Contest from American DJ with Brian S Redd. In an exclusive recorded interview with legendary DJ and MC, Lucky Pierre, he takes us back to his career in radio and LA Disco events.

New ADJ Video Contest with BSR


The Crossfader Show - Episode #65

We honor the veterans who served our country with a special episode dedicated to our service men and women. We welcome Specialist 4 Jerry Miller (US Army), Master Sergeant Mark Gonzales (United States Marine Corps / Combat Arms / Retired), Sgt. Eliseo Montoya (US Air Force Security Specialist), Specialist Shelby Callaway (US Army) and Jorge Contreras (civilian) who all discuss their careers in the Military and the different protocols observed at the events. Jose says goodbye to his Technics in the weekly Video Segment and then we guests share their Picks of The Week.

The DJ Business Show Premieres

Our friends over at YouTube channel The DJ Business have launched a new show appropriatly titled The DJ Business Show. The monhtly video show promises to bring DJ related topics to viewers around the globe. With product reviews, interviews and special features, hosts Simon Fletcher, Nigel Harwood and the pretty Laura will definatly be a monthly highlight.


The Crossfader Show - Episode #64

In our jammed packed show, we announce some news from Beatport, Emulator, Master of The Mix and Simon Fletcher who announces a new show titled "The DJ Business Show" which premieres on May 28th. We go "Behind The Booth" with DJ Rockin Rob and his step by step look at the WiStick. We have a nice chat with Mark Maillet, founder of Eternal Lighting with a few of his products. Finally, we share our Picks of The Week and upcoming shows.

The Crossfader Show - Episode #63

DJ Richie Rich talks about is background and the DJ lifestyle in New York. Our weekly Video Segment featured the ADJA and PSSL at ADJ. We share our Picks of The Week and announce a new show called The Yard Sale premiering on Thursday June 23rd.

The Crossfader Show - Episode #62

In this episode, we find out how to reach the ever elusive, the modern bride. Jeff and Stephanie Padonavi have broken it down and given us some valuable tips to "Book More Brides". DJ Rockin' Rob joins us for a new video segment titled "Behind The Booth" with a look into how to use your Android phone to control your DMX lighting using Show Express by Chauvet. We share our Picks of The Week and wish our mothers a Happy Mothers Day.

The Crossfader Show - Episode #61

Branding is an essential part of your DJ business. What does your image say about your company? We talk to Jason Jani who gives us some pointers on proper branding techniques. In our weekly Video Segment, we get a tour of the Crown Truck who recently made a stop at the new Pro Light and Sound facilities. We end the show with our Picks of The Week.
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