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The only LIVE video stream dedicated to the DJ industry.



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First Look - Pioneer CDJ-2000 Limited and DJM-900nexus Limited


The NAMM Show 2012 - Media Preview Day

Even though The NAMM Show does not officially open till tomorrow, the media and press had a chance to take a peek at few new products and celebrity appearances by Beach Boy Brian Wilson and crooner John Mayer.

Numark showcases a new DJ controller using an iPad as your main media source. With the iDJ Pro you simply slide the iPad into the controller and viola! You have a full size functional controller complete with jog wheel and access to fx and sampler.

The folks at SmithsonMartin have revealed for the first in a national show their new suer interface called KS-1974. It's sleek and stylish with a four point touch screen. Very chic.


A recent video from DJ Tech Tools announced their new back pack with enough room for a full controller, laptop and maybe even a baby elephant. I had the good frotune of talking to the guys and they let me touch the pack. Very sturdy and soft.






Here a are a few pictures of the media preview event to wet your appetite.



LIVE NAMM 2012 Coverage

The nations largest and the worlds oldest music manufacturers convention NAMM returns to Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday January 19th at 12 pm Noon PST. The Crossfader Show will be there streaming LIVE footage of the convention floor, interviews with manufactureres and demos of all the fun DJ gear.

Coverage continues everyday at Noon PST through Sunday January 22. Get your popcorn and make it count!

Here is some footage of last years coverage.


New Serato Video Plug In for Scratch Live and Itch

Video Jockeys rejoice! Just announce in time for The NAMM Show, Serato announces a new plug in for Scratch Live and Itch appropriatly called Serato Video. This has been a long time coming for many since DJs with thrid party MIDI controllers can enter the video realm with ease. Click here for the official press release.


Video Segment - The Wrecking Crew

We sit down with Denny Tedesco, director of the music documentary "The Wrecking Crew" and accomplished musician Don Randi who talked to us about the film and what was it like to be part of the group of studio musicians who recorded for many Rock and Roll stars in the 50's and 60's. With such artists like the Beach Boys, Elvis, The Byrds, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sonny and Cher, Jan & Dean, The Monkees, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Mamas and The Papas, Tijuana Brass, Ricky Nelson, Johnny Rivers and were Phil Spector's Wall of Sound

The film is an an example of an extraordinary point in musical history that has been just recently been revealed. Much of the music recorded by these musicians were never publicly credited during that era.

We also talk about what it means to screen the movie for DJs from around the world at the upcoming Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference in Las Vegas. The screening will take place on Wednesday February 8th at 7pm inside the Riviera Hotel and Casino.


You Got Stuff To Share?

Are you a DJ and would like to share your knowledge or video logs for all the world to see? Check out the complete video network for DJs called DJ Video Network. Once you browse all the fine content that all available for FREE, send in your submission to the site if you feel you have what it takes to be a rockstar!



Countdown To MBLV16

The DJ industry is as varied as the personalities that represent them. From the hard working weekend mobile jocks to the fast paced club superstars, all eyes are focus on the upcoming Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference (MBLV16) held in Las Vegas on February 6th.

The onslaught of MIDI controllers, a device used to control music playback on a computer or media storage device, has made a huge impact on how the DJ can perform at a function. While die hard purists remain skeptical, these devices represent a trend to portability and creative self-expression.

“It challenges how things should be done” says Giles Orford, Marketing Director at Novation makers of the new Twitch MIDI controller on a recent interview video segment on The Crossfader Show. “There’s DJs and there’s producers and there’s controllerists and there’s electronic performers. So we want appeal to all of them in different ways.” Yet with some many options, a few DJs cling to more traditional ways of manipulating music.

To keep track of all the changes and other hot topics The Crossfader Show will kick off a campaign called “Countdown To MBLV16”. Starting December 26th, presenters, entertainers and key figures of MBLV16 will have a chance to talk about their roles in the conference. Some of the guests invited to be interviewed include conference technical director Jake Feldman, former New York record producer and recording engineer Moses Avalon and top marketing and branding experts Steve Brazell.

The coverage continues during the conference, when The Crossfader Show features LIVE streaming broadcasts from the convention floor and night time celebrations starting February 6th. With workshops, seminars by Mark Farrell, Ron Ruth, David Hanscom, Mike Walter, Jim Cerone and many more. Exhibits and product expo by American DJ, Pioneer, Chauvet, Rane, QSC, Promo Only and many more will fill the halls with gear and demos. Entertainment acts such as Digital Underground, Skeelo, Young MC and DJ Casper, just to name a few.



"Cube-A-Thon" Presented by Eternal Lighting

A 24 hour LIVE streaming marathon which tests the battery life of a new Cube Series wireless DMX LED fixture. Co-hosted by The Crossfader Show and That DJ Podcast, a stellar line up of guests will be presenting content through the marathon to entertain and inform.

Guests Inlcude:

  • Ryan Burger
  • David Louis
  • Dr Drax
  • Eric Wenning
  • DJ Flip
  • Debra Mackenzie
  • and much more soon to be announced...

Tune in anytime, starting Monday October 17th at Noon PST throughout Tuesday October 18th at Noon PST.


YouTube DJs West Coast 2011

You don't have to be a YouTube DJ (or a DJ for that matter) to attend this free event geared towards anyone interested in checking the latest gear, network with local DJs and meet some of the most popular DJs from YouTube.

Your hosts DJ Steelo and DJ Abstract from YouTube AbstractSteeloShow bring you a line up of guests speakers including recent American DJ "Come Play In The UK" video contest winner DJ Mikey Mike, Chris Bedke and Paul DJ/VJ Rude Pervano.

Salon Majorca
12220 Pigeon Pass Rd
Moreno Valley, CA
12 pm to 6 pm

Eternal Lighting 2 FlatParPro-3W to one lucky person ($398 value) and t-shirts.
Pioneer DJ with DJ Jay Brannan will be giving away T-shirts, stickers & headphones
Full Tilt Remix will be there this Sunday with free CDs for all the DJs present and will have a couple of subscriptions to raffle off throughout the event as well.
American DJ will be in the house with some real nice give aways as well. If i'm right it will be 1 Micro Galaxian Laser, 1 pair of ADJ Headphones, 100 mini flashlights, some ADJ Tote bags and ADJ catalogs.

Scrim King will be giving away some speakers covers.


ADJA Conference: "Boost Your Spirits, Boost Your Business"

A professional DJ thirst for knowledge knows no end and for most DJs in our industry, like myself, have seen better days. Let's face it, our economy has not been as strong as it should. For many of us, evidence of this is as apparent as our empty gas tanks or depleted bank accounts.

So, what are you going to do about!? Are you going to hope and pray to the DJ gods (or other higher power) that our woes with disappear like a fly-by-night shady wedding vendor. Or are you going to get off your nalgas (Spanish for ass) and make things happen!

I for one, choose the latter and have made some crucial sacrifices to make my way to Vegas, only five hours away to attend the ADJA Confrence. Hosted by the ADJA, the Las Vegas Hilton will accommodate two educational tracks, exhibit hall with 60 companies and plenty of networking opportunities to last a life-time.

If you live within a short day drive of Vegas and your serious about your DJ business, you need to attend. You don't have to be a member of the ADJA to become part of history. Admission to the seminar for non members is $149 for three days. $49 if your a ADJA member. visit the ADJA Conference website for more info.

If the trip is too much to bear, we will be streaming everyday, starting at Noon PST on Monday September 12th from the conference. We might even bust out our portable streaming rig to cover the exhibit hall and get closer to all the toys.